Brewery Bašta  was opened in 2007. It is located next to the restaurant U Bansethů. The brewery was famous for  lager. This beer win a lot of awards in competitions between brewers.

On the tap we have 4 our beers, 1 beer from Belgium and cider Tátův sad.

The brewery offers in the main part 40 seats and two lounges 40 and 25 seats.At summer you can sit in the garden with another 40 seats.
In all areas (including garden) is available Wi-Fi with free internet access.

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Now we have on tap:

Kroužkův ležák 0,3l/38,- 0,5l/54,-

Nuselská pšenice 0,3l/44,- 0,5l/64,-

LimeLager 0,3l/38,- 0,5l/54,-

American Lager 0,3l/44,- 0,5l/64,-

Bašta set 4x0,15l/99,-